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CHALLENGE OPTIONS FOR ALL: For Charity, To Complete or To Compete - always to have fun!


Revolve24 Endurance Track Relays and Track Omniums (Men and Women Races)

2017 sees Revolve24 return to Brands Hatch for the third year running!  We will again be running our flagship 24 Hour track challenge along with our 12 and 6 hour relay challenges.  Following on from our successful inaugural Men and Womens Omniums last year we shall repeat this - we are currently working on the format and will release details as soon as they are finalised.

Competition will be, as always, fast, furious and fierce – but not at the expense of having fun, creating new bonds and renewing old friendships (and rivalries).


By using the Revolve24 App before the event all relay participants will be able to tell how your team is doing and what your grid position is – you’ll be able to share your progress with the competition and create a healthy competitive spirit.

All racers - Relay or Omnium - will also receive various messages from us, as well as offers and news from our event and charity partners.

Best of all during the race you will all (and anyone with a computer and internet) be able to follow live tracking of your performance. Screens will available in the paddock area.


We will be holding a Pasta Party on the Friday evening so please feel free to come along and enjoy the whole weekend. Bring along friends and family to cheer you on and push you a few extra miles!

We can arrange accommodation for you (pre-erected tents to Winnebagos) – just book on-line or let us know what you want at

TIMINGS - to be expanded once confirmed

Gates will open at 6 pm on the Friday evening and we will be in the Kentagon Restaurant to welcome you to our Pasta Party.  Registration will also be open on the Friday evening.

Saturday morning will see the start of our Omnium events and then at 3pm in the afternoon we will see Le Grand Start of our 24 hour race.  Timings are still to be confirmed for the start of the 12 hour challenge, and the 6 hour race will start at 9am on Sunday morning.

At 3pm on Sunday afternoon the 24 hour and 6 hour challenges will conclude followed by prize giving.

Gates close at 5pm on the Sunday and we say au revoir to Brands Hatch for another year!

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