Event photographs will be provided Free of Charge to Participants in ALL Revolve24 events this year. 

All your photos live from the event will be shared directly to your Facebook account using a service called Pic2Go.

You can register for the service once we have issued Riders Numbers.

All numbers for the Endurance Challenges AND Team Time Trials are now live - click the relevant logo at the bottom of this page.


Follow the instructions below to sign up to get your FREE Event photos:


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the System know it is me? Your rider number, helmet stickers and bike plate number will incorporate a unique Bar Code which recognises you. The clearer these are displayed the more likely the system will pick you up (the Bike Plate number in particular)

Are the Photographs Private? As part of the sign up process there is a drop down box where you can select the privacy setting for the album that your Revolve 24 photos will be posted to so you can control your audience for the photos (for example, friends, only me)

I don’t have a Facebook Account? Facebook is free to use, and you can simply sign up to it to get your photos.  There is no obligation to continue to use it.  Alternatively if you have a close friend or family member who uses Facebook you could ask them to sign up to Pic2Go for you

If the event has already started can I still get the images?: Yes, and the images will be available for 6 months after the event has finished

Can I get prints or High Resolution Images: Prints or high resolution versions of the images will be available to purchase on the Sussex Sport Photography Gallery by clicking on our logo below

When can I buy images? They will be available approximately two days after the event finishes HERE


To find out your Rider Number please click the relevant logo below:

24 Hour Challenge

12 Hour Challenge

6 Hour Challenge

Team Time Trials - 2UP & 4UP

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