We want your weekend with Revolve24 to be an unforgettable experience.  We understand  that your focus will be on your cycling, so we thought that the following might be of use and/or a bit of a treat!

Revolve24 Clothing 2017

Currently with the designers - watch this space!

Pre-erected tents

Avoid that extra packing and time spent on arrival pitching your tent (and taking it down after a tough 24 hours!) - we can arrange to have a tent up and waiting for you, ready to go with airbeds and mattresses if you wish! 

1 man tent - £60

2 man tent - £115

3 man tent - £165

4 man tent - £210

Single airbed - £15

Double airbed - £25

Sleeping bag - £15

Massage / Sports Treatment

RMA Excercise Rehabilitation will be back again this year.  Led by Gary Lewis, who led the physio team that assisted the Royal Signals teams to compete at such a high level during Revolve24 2015.  Gary's team will be on hand before, during and after the relays next September offering Sports Treatments to prepare, repair or recover your body using massage, stretches, taping and ice treatments as required.

Treatments are £15 per session when pre-purchased - they will be available for purchase at £20 on the day.

Premium Paddock Parking Pass - 24 Hour Challenge only

Have your car, campervan or RV parked in the Inner Paddock right behind your Pit Garage - keeping your kit, spares, cooking facilities and even bed close by!  £50 per pass - 2 per team permitted.  Limited number available.

How to make your extra purchases

Most of the items above are available on our registration site and can be purchased during your registration.  If you have already registered and want to purchase additional items, please refer to your original confirmation email you received when you registered and click on the MyActive link at the bottom of the email - this will allow you to make your puchases. 

Concierge Service

If you really fancy the true Formula1 lifestyle we are happy to provide RVs, helicopter transport - give us a call to discuss your ideas on 01225 769001 or email us.

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