Don't just take our word for it!  Here's what some of our riders have said about their experience of Revolve24:


"I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for what I imagine has been an incredible amount of work and courage in getting this off the ground. Me and the other Pistonheads garage riders really enjoyed the event and we all agreed that for a first event that was very slick. I know it’s not cheap to hire Brands for a weekend in September but I hope you are close to a viable business going forwards. I’ll be supporting you in future events (especially the flatter circuits!!) and will be enthusiastically encouraging friends to do the same. Hopefully the participant numbers will continue to grow.
Congratulations and thank you."
Darren Franks
Creative - Team Pistonheads

"Thank for the best cycling experience of my life... Superbly professional and so friendly.. It was simply perfect and you did yourself proud.. I will spread the word that this is no ordinary cycling experience..
Quality - thank you."
Julian Rider
Winning male soloist Sep 2015 and member of winning duo Sep 2016
"As a runner new to cycling I have some experience of track running. I did a track marathon a few years back and to say it was horrible was an understatement. So armed with my bike and solid team mates, I kept an open mind as to the Revolve 24 track event.
On arrival the site is impressive. A very well considered layout with nothing left to chance. The site has every facility you could wish for. This mixed with event staff everywhere, ready to make the event work was very impressive from the get go. You would be fooled for thinking that this was just another event for the the Revolve crew. This was the first of it’s kind. 
We were assigned a ‘pit’ garage and 3pm soon came around. Team ashmei-giro were ready. A great visual 'le mans’start - kick started 24 hours of great fun.
Forget flat. The course was anything but - the course has all sorts of tricks for the rider. Then factor in the night riding and fatigue and you have a very exciting 24 hour challenge.
Team garages and plenty of friendly rivalry made for a thrilling game of tactics, team orders and in some cases collaborations and pacts. Great camaraderie.
All night food, clean fabulous facilities, masses of visible marshals, great event team plus cider to finish - what is not to like.
I hope Huw and his team get the support he and his team so richly deserve for next year's event.
The ashmei-giros will reform and return to defend our trophy. I would hope that industry and the general public listen to all the well deserved praise and come en masse next year.
My team mates and I all agree that this was one of the best riding events we have ever taken part in."
Robert Gaddie


"Amazing event and we are already looking forward to coming back next year; I’m sure Greg will be haggling you on a big corporate bundle deal J

 Thank you for a brilliantly organised event and the fantastic service.

 See you soon."

Sheraz Rashid
Business Development Manager - Arrow ECS Education


"Just a quick note to say thank you very much for organising Revolve 24. Finishing 2nd in the solo category was the best result I could hope to achieve as I was never going to really threaten World Champion Julian for first place. Still first non-sponsored complete amateur rider will do for me.

 I thought the event went really well, and the best memory I take from the weekend is the sense of camaraderie, friendship and support between so many different riders and teams, regardless of what event they were in and what time of day it was. Special mention must go to  team of 6 in garage 17 with me. I can’t remember the team name but they were such great guys always very supportive if I bumped into them out on track. I would also like to commend the third place solo rider David Stoyles who, after going out super hard, suffered a lot at first light and slowed up allowing me to catch up and ultimately take second.

Sunday lunchtime, my team told me to come into the pits where I saw David and he explained although he conceded 2nd place he’d still like to complete 350 miles, so we rode together for the last session which I think sums up the spirit of the event and captures the essence of cycling which makes it the sport it is. Lovely bloke and a bloody good cyclist. A well deserved podium place for sure.

 I’ve learned so much about how to plan and execute a solo endurance race I could write a great advice column on it! Karen was incredibly supportive about the whole adventure I could not have done it without her. Together we thought of every eventuality and had a well thought out and thorough plan that went as well as could be expected with no major problems or anyone losing their sense of humour.

(We even had a sense of humour pledge up in our garage we had all signed as well as enough food to feed an army!)

 Please thank everyone involved in the organisation and planning of the event for us. After how I’ve felt for the last few days (Car crash victim springs to mind) I’m not sure I’ll be rushing to enter again, but best of luck with your venture and thanks once again for what turned out to be one of the toughest, most challenging physical events I’ve ever undertaken.

 It’s nice to get my life back. For 5 months, it’s been nothing but 24!

 Things I liked:

·        Atmosphere

·        The race going to plan with no hidden injuries or tech issues.

·        Smooth track surface – The hills made each lap so hard but Graham Hill bend is just incredible – scary at night when you can’t see the apex too!

·        Safe riding by 99% of the people

·        Supporting and being supported by nearly every other rider"

Chris Hollis

Runner up male soloist, Sep 2015

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